The Trishaw

Trishaw is a mode of transport in the olden days before cars or motorcycles were introduced in Malaysia. It is fundamentally a bicycle with the operator or what we call the trishawman  pedalling under an umbrella, behind the carriage with folding shades. If you are ever in Penang, you see them everywhere mostly in the town area where more tourists are, as it is now a tourist attraction.

An old school trishaw at Fort Cornwallis in Penang.

Why, THE TRISHAW project?

Groceries shopping with Grandma at Komtar usually calls for a trishaw ride home after. Although gran's is not far away, it makes the journey a lot quicker and more comfortable than walking under the very hot sun. Also, a short ride home was pretty cheap back then, unlike now.

This is a project close to my heart and I have named it THE TRISHAW because it reminds me of home (Penang), tradition, Malaysian culture and childhood.


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