Hello and welcome to The Trishaw. My name is AiPheng and I am the author behind this blog.

When I first set up this blog in 2011, it was for me to write about my exploration of making ‘kaya‘ (coconut jam) and to remember a cultural heritage that is near extinction, the Baba-Nyonya culture. Therefore I have named this blog The Trishaw, something that reminds me of home (Penang), tradition, Malaysian culture and childhood. This has now turned into a blog about a designer who is a foodie and salsero at heart, sharing the inspirations and explorations through my adventures from the kitchen to somewhere around the world.

I am really glad how this blog has slowly gained more followers each day; it fuels my writing every week. It has come far from the first year of minimal blogging to my second year of active blogging. I am glad to say that this blog has achieved more views than I thought it could, in a mere one year of active blogging.

About Me

I was born and brought up in Penang, Malaysia; currently living in London as a product designer who enjoys her life eating, travelling and dancing. I started cooking when I left home to further my studies to be a designer while winning awards for it. Back then, cooking was for survival but it has now turned into a hobby, something I enjoy doing. It makes me happy, puts a smile on my friends and family, provides a zen moment and great satisfaction.

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  1. Hi Ai Pheng, in short, I love your blog. Simple posting but great impact. All the best for you.

    1. Thank you M.R Danial. That's really kind of you :)