Smack Deli


Burger and Lobster opened a sister restaurant not long ago. The best part is, it is now cheaper to eat lobster! The concept is all about lobster roll served as fast food. You will have to order at the till and collect your order, like you would at Starbucks or McDonalds. The only difference is that the quality is far higher than any fast food place I know. 

“Lobster roll is the new burger!”

£7 for a lobster roll to go and £9 to eat in. That’s pretty cheap for some quality lobster. I have to say, the portion is pretty generous. The lobster chowder, I suppose was made from the lobster cooking liquid plus all the shells. Though nice, it lacked a little acidic punch and depth in flavour. The courgette fries were the star and a must have. It was very crispy and so much lighter than a standard potato fries, it worked really well with the lobsters too. The one pound lobster which is served cold is really good too with lemon mayonnaise.

Ambience in there was trendy, casual and relaxed. Lobster without the fancy pants. Liking it!

Smack Deli

26 Binney Street
W1K 5BN London,UK

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