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Happy New Year!! Oh yes, I know it is a month late but there is a very good reason. I have been really busy preparing for my product launch. What products and when? Well, I shall keep you curious for now but I promise to tell closer to launch.

The last few months have been tremendously exciting and tiring for me since I can only work on this project in between slots of spare time after work and on weekends. My hobby of salsa-ing my evenings away has been history for now but hey, I’m sure I will be back on the dance floor soon. Well, at least I hope. And between my multi-tasking, I do let lose for a few hours once in a while to spend some quality time with P and with some friends.

The cricket!!

One of my first few meals back in London this 2015 was CRICKET!! Yes, I mean the ugly looking black insect that makes weird noises. It still creeps me out looking at pictures of cricket! We must have been possessed ordering it at all. Well, I only made it to try one fried baby cricket that was served with lots of baked cheese. So it was not like they were crickets on sticks. Actually, if you did not know that was cricket, it could have been any crispy thing! Lucky P finished off the rest. I was actually well surprised. He thought there wasn't enough insects on the plate! Aiks!! Wahaca serves crickets!! So if you are feeling adventurous for some crispy insects, Wahaca is the place to be.

Luckily, Wahaca has much more to offer other than crickets. As usual, food and service here is wonderful. We had double portions of plantain taco,  slow-cooked pork burrito, Chapulines fundido (the cricket dish with salsa and melted cheese), and the Rajas Taco with blue corn tortillas. All was good except the cricket toppings.

If you are a curious soul, there is no harm trying. It isn’t all that bad. 


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