Pork Chop with Cumin & Coriander

From Tom Kerridge’s Barnsley Chop to my adapted version of Pork Chop. For those of you who like me did not know what Barnsley Chop is, it is as its name suggest, originates from Barnsley. It is a double sided lamb chop cut right across the loin as explained on this website. As much as I wanted to make Barnsley Chop the way Tom does it, I was only able to get the Pork Chop where I was. I must say, it tastes just as good. I even served it with some spicy couscous, salad and orange pork sauce. It was quick and tasty. Believe or not, I made that on a weekday after work.

This is a book I know that will be well used. I will probably make more recipes from this book during my two weeks off work for Christmas and New Year.

Happy Holidays, to all of you! I shall see you in the new year. 

If you have not bought his book yet and would like to make this yummy Barnsley Chop, there's brief recipe here.


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