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For a long time now, the only Asian restaurants between Shoreditch and Dalston was just Vietnamese. Now, there is Tonkotsu East for ramen (new post soon) and this cute little Toconoco cafe that is family / baby friendly.

The counter where you order

The interior is all white and wooden, typically minimalist of the Japanese style. The counter where you order, is the barista and entrance to the kitchen on the left. The shelves below the counter were filled with many useful Japanese ingredients, it makes it much more convenient for us to get Japanese ingredients now. No need to track all the way to Chinatown.

Loving the tree branch decor with lights on the ceiling

Black sesame latte, cappuccino, cupcake

The black sesame latte was so good, we came back in the afternoon for more. The cupcake though was stale, probably from the day before.

Egg miso mayo with spring onion, sesame oil and chilli flake on toast


Salted kombu rice balls and miso soup; green tea latte

Although simple, it was tasty and comforting. Will be back for more rice balls.

Turkey and tofu burger with rice and miso soup was the lunch set of the day. 
The lunch set changes daily.

Tofu and turkey burger? Interesting or weird? Well, we tried it out and it was really succulent and delicious. Feels so homey too. The only thing weird we found was the miso soup which was served with potatoes in it. Well, I'm not Japanese. Maybe that's what they serve at home in Japan, but it was the first for us. 

If you know anything about potato in miso, please let me know. I am curious to find out.

The cafe is located just off the canal, a few minutes walk from the Proud Archivist


I'm in love with this cafe. It is nothing fancy, just a cosy and family friendly cafe in the perfect location by the canal that serves homey Japanese food.

Note: The lunch menu serves from 12pm onwards and the cafe closes early, between 6pm to 6:30pm so come in early.


The close really early, about 6:30pm so it is impossible to make weekday after work dinner.

Will I return?

Already been there twice in one day. So, the answer is YES!


28 Hertford Road
N1 5QT London,UK
Tel: +44 (0)20 7249 8394


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