Sergio’s Italian Restaurant | Bristol

Our visit to Bristol was impromptu so we had no clue what we should do or where we should go while here. We left it all to chance and instincts while exploring this city. It was interesting to explore a city this way. There were no expectations so all we saw were new and exciting and thoughts formed then were original.

The one thing we saw the most were graffiti all over. Some were very impressive. Of course, we spotted some Banksy as well. And very near to where the Banksy was, we found a quaint little family run Italian restaurant. The staff were so nice that they accommodated us so well.

The evening was beautiful thanks to the delicious food and smiles exchanged.

We ordered the Monk fish farcito wrapped in Parma ham with red pepper and saffron sauce. The meaty monk fish was well cooked and moist though I think it was a tiny bit salty for my liking. The saltiness was to P's liking though.

As for the other main, we ordered the Mixed Impepata in tomato sauce. It was a generous portion of mixed seafood; mussels, scallops, calamari, tiger prawns. This plate was so flavourful and each piece of seafood were cooked to perfection. None of them were overcooked. This shows the chef's skills and freshness of seafood. I had to ask for a spoon to scoop up all the sauce goodness.

Dessert in an Italian restaurant is always a Tiramisu for me as it shows the authenticity of the restaurant. The tiramisu past my test with flying colours.


Lovely warm service in a cosy family run restaurant serving well cooked food.


What's to frown when it's mostly smiles.

Will I return?

Yes of course.


1-3 Frogmore Street
BS1 5NA Bristol, UK

Tel: +44 0117 9291413


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