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“Come, let’s go to this place with really good barbecue ribs! It’s almost always fully booked and packed with people.”

Unconscious of where I was heading to, we walked along what looks like a quiet residential area, minutes from Haggerston station. It was a converted pub that serves traditional deep-south American style barbecue. They use American wood smokers to smoke their meat. There is also a good selection of locally brewed beers that goes very well with the food served.

Since the ribs are the most famous here, we ordered the pork ribs. It had a dark sticky glaze and came served with refreshing home-made slaw, very finely sliced. The side order of fries was crisp and fluffy. The BBQ ribs reminded me of the coffee ribs I used to have in a restaurant back in Malaysia when I was a teenager. It was sticky and good, tender on some and over cooked on some. Apparently it was not as good as it used to be. Well, I must say that the ribs was although nice, it wasn't the best. I have had better ones. Depth of flavour was also lacking. I hope it was one of their off days as I have heard really good things about their ribs.

We also ordered a pulled pork slider which I found it dry and lack flavour. Pulled pork can be really wonderful if made well. Unfortunately, not this one.

A flight of 3 beers where each was a third of a pint was perfect to sample a few different beers for those of us who can’t decide which. We had the Sandford Orchards Devon Mist cider, Kernel Simcoe Pale Ale and Beavertown Smoked Porter. The porter was the best of all we tried. It had a chocolate and coffee hint which pairs really well with the ribs. I highly recommend ordering this porter if you are ordering the ribs.

Dessert of Peanut butter Chocolate Tart was hard and felt like eating a slab of butter with a slight peanut taste that just came straight out from the refrigerator. It is rare for me not to finish a dessert but this was really not my kind of dessert to end a decent meal. The vanilla ice cream with praline though, was good.


Food was reasonably good, though I was a little disappointed from the rave review I received.
Great selection of beers. Generally a pleasant place for drinks and some nice food.


It is recommended to not have the Peanut Butter Chocolate Tart.

Will I return?

Yes, more so for the beer and maybe to try that ribs again hoping it will be better.

Dukes Brew & Que

33 Downham Road
De Beauvoir Town
N1 5AA London, UK

Tel: +44 (0)20 3006 0795

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