It's Durian Season!!

It's durian season! Lucky me. It has been years since I last had Malaysian durians. I think they are the best I've had. Thai durians just never cut it for me.

DURIAN, the king of tropical fruits

LOVE IT or HATE IT! It's never in between, the same concept for Marmite. The king of tropical fruit sure is unique. The shell of the fruit is hard and thorny, it needs skill and metal hands to open these bad boys. The smell itself is so potent, it could kill insects that fly by (joking). Although it being potent, I actually do quite like the smell. Once you pass that exterior, the fruit is yellow and soft, the texture can almost compare to those of ice cream. Yes, ice cream... so creamy.

I have a friend whose mum freezes the durian fruit when in season so his dear son (my friend) will get to eat his favourite fruit to his hearts content when he goes home to Malaysia during durian off season. I've tried one of his frozen durians and it was pretty good when it's defrosted in the fridge, with the flesh still cold. It definitely eats a lot more like ice cream.

If you are attempting to freeze them, make sure to wrap it in an air-tight container and a wrap with a few layers of cling film so the potent smell does not escape into your freezer and perfume all that is in the freezer.

 Empty durians!



Durian stall is located on
Jalan Anson, Penang, Malaysia.
(only open during durian season, usually around June / July)


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