Famous Penang hokkien mee (prawn noodles) for breakfast | Penang

What's for breakfast on my first day back in Penang? Hokkien mee (prawn noodle) of course! The broth is made with lots and lots of shrimp shells and pork ribs so it is packed full of intense flavour. The chilli paste gives it that extra kick. Factor in eating this in a tropical weather with no air-conditioning but fan, it makes the experience a lot more exciting! That's just me, probably. You might think otherwise. Luckily the hokkien mee is sold only in the morning. Remember to come here early too as this flavoursome bowl of goodness sells out by 9:30 / 10am.

'Hokkien mee' that is spicy and packed full of flavour

Apom balik (an indian version of thin eggy pancake), so simple yet so good with soft centre and thin crispy edges. Do try this too while you're here.

The making of 'apom balik' with charcoal and clay pot, served on banana leaves.

'Ban chang kueh' (pancake with peanuts) is a sort of pancake with spongy honeycomb texture that is so unique, it's hard to find one like it elsewhere.

Swee Kong Coffee Shop

319 Jalan Burma 
10050 Pulau Tikus
Penang, Malaysia

(intersection of Jalan Burma and Solok Moulmein, near the Pulau Tikus market)
GPS Coordinates: N5 25.828 E100 18.757


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