It's Durian Season!!

It's durian season! Lucky me. It has been years since I last had Malaysian durians. I think they are the best I've had. Thai durians just never cut it for me.

DURIAN, the king of tropical fruits

LOVE IT or HATE IT! It's never in between, the same concept for Marmite. The king of tropical fruit sure is unique. The shell of the fruit is hard and thorny, it needs skill and metal hands to open these bad boys. The smell itself is so potent, it could kill insects that fly by (joking). Although it being potent, I actually do quite like the smell. Once you pass that exterior, the fruit is yellow and soft, the texture can almost compare to those of ice cream. Yes, ice cream... so creamy.

I have a friend whose mum freezes the durian fruit when in season so his dear son (my friend) will get to eat his favourite fruit to his hearts content when he goes home to Malaysia during durian off season. I've tried one of his frozen durians and it was pretty good when it's defrosted in the fridge, with the flesh still cold. It definitely eats a lot more like ice cream.

If you are attempting to freeze them, make sure to wrap it in an air-tight container and a wrap with a few layers of cling film so the potent smell does not escape into your freezer and perfume all that is in the freezer.

 Empty durians!



Durian stall is located on
Jalan Anson, Penang, Malaysia.
(only open during durian season, usually around June / July)

Famous Penang hokkien mee (prawn noodles) for breakfast | Penang

What's for breakfast on my first day back in Penang? Hokkien mee (prawn noodle) of course! The broth is made with lots and lots of shrimp shells and pork ribs so it is packed full of intense flavour. The chilli paste gives it that extra kick. Factor in eating this in a tropical weather with no air-conditioning but fan, it makes the experience a lot more exciting! That's just me, probably. You might think otherwise. Luckily the hokkien mee is sold only in the morning. Remember to come here early too as this flavoursome bowl of goodness sells out by 9:30 / 10am.

'Hokkien mee' that is spicy and packed full of flavour

Apom balik (an indian version of thin eggy pancake), so simple yet so good with soft centre and thin crispy edges. Do try this too while you're here.

The making of 'apom balik' with charcoal and clay pot, served on banana leaves.

'Ban chang kueh' (pancake with peanuts) is a sort of pancake with spongy honeycomb texture that is so unique, it's hard to find one like it elsewhere.

Swee Kong Coffee Shop

319 Jalan Burma 
10050 Pulau Tikus
Penang, Malaysia

(intersection of Jalan Burma and Solok Moulmein, near the Pulau Tikus market)
GPS Coordinates: N5 25.828 E100 18.757

Satay and Roti Bakar at Joo Leong Cafe | Penang

I’m back! Yes, I was away in Penang (Malaysia) and Lombok (Indonesia) for a well-deserved break. That was why my weekly posts have been missing. Now that I am back from my holiday in paradise which all seemed so short, I will try my best to get back to my routine of writing and giving you highlights of my great finds. 

PENANG! Well well, if you've read highlights about Penang prior to travelling there, you know food is the ultimate highlight. Of course eating is not the only thing to do here. There are so much more to see here but you have to know that eating is almost like a hobby for most Penangites.

Toasted bread with soft boiled eggs

So my advice for your arrival at the Penang International Airport, go to Joo Leong Cafe for breakfast or dinner or even supper to satisfy your hunger after a tiring flight and surplus of plane food. This cafe is only about 5 minutes from the airport, on your way to town.

A good dunk in the eggs

This cafe is known for it's breakfast of toasted bread with butter and soft boiled eggs. I have my toast topped with granulated sugar, soft boiled eggs with ground white pepper and light soy sauce, and a Milo to drink. It's an ultimate breakfast combo.

If you arrive later in the evening and will be missing out on this breakfast, don't worry. They are open for dinner serving their famous noodle soup or rice porridge with freshly caught fish and seafood. I've been coming here for years. Please also order satay from the stall at the entrance. This satay served with peanut sauce will be a great way to open up your tastebuds for more deliciousness that will come your way while in Penang.

Cuttle fish

'Ju hu eng chai'

Enjoy yourselves and drop by again for more posts on Penang!

Joo Leong Cafe
179-H, Sungei Tiram
11900 Bayan Lepas
Penang, Malaysia

Tel: +6 (0)10 412 4865; 
+6 (0)12 498 4865
Opening hours: 06:20-11:30 (breakfast); 18:00-23:30 (dinner). Close Mondays.