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Manger (to eat): Je mange (I eat), tu manges (you eat), il/elle mange (he/she eats)…

Manger is cultivated from the Toques & Partage project where great chefs train and pass on their experiences and techniques to the socially excluded.

This restaurant  is a simple and cosy bistro with open kitchen. There is nothing pretentious and uptight about this restaurant, which makes it so comfortable. The interior was done by Marie Deroudilhe, an architect who had collaborated with Alain Ducasse at Rech and Christophe Michalak's Masterclass.

Before I go any further, this post is unlike my usual write up with pictures of food. As I was dining with the family of one of P's closest friends, I refrained myself from the urge of taking pictures of the food. I wanted to be polite so all the pictures below are directly from Manger's website and Facebook page

The Dinner des Chefs menu of the week were created by great chefs; Anne-Sophie Pic, Flora Mikula, Adeline Grattard and Christophe Michalak. All courses were of great standards and tasted delicious. Even the colour contrasts on the plate was beautiful. This is one of those meals that lures your inner temptation and makes you want more. My favourite course of the night was Anne-Sophie's starter that was too beautifully executed, I'm already thinking of visiting her La Dame de Pic restaurant next time. 
The menu we had on the night

Dessert was a large profiterole filled with caramel ice cream and chocolate sauce on the side to pour. A very simple and humble dessert that was given its utmost respect and executed to a magnificent level, Christophe Michalak must be proud with the chef who made it. That was by far the best profiterole I have ever had. Simple it looked, but the best it was.

The booth on the far left was where the ultimate desserts were plated

Service was exceptional. We were even given a glass of champagne each at the end of our meal as they had to shift our table half a meter to make space. It was not a hassle for us at all but that tells you the attention to detail they put into the succession of this restaurant.

It was another night to remember in Paris.


Great food by the best chefs in Paris and a very sleek, friendly service. Quality.


There is nothing to frown about.

Will I return?



24 Rue Keller, 
75011 Paris, France

Tel: +33 143 386 915

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday for lunch & dinner


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