Desir du Chocolat for Magnum

A chocolate enthusiast and a designer myself, what best way to combine both interest than to be able to design chocolate! Yes, speaker designer by day and chocolate designer by night. My feet is actually dancing away while typing this. It will be the greatest thing ever if I can combine the love of salsa too. But hey, we can’t possibly have everything. Merging two into one is already a dream come true.

The making of Magnum's couture chocolate hat

Magnum's couture chocolate hat

Joining Desir du Chocolat has been one of the best thing that has happened recently. I have met many new people with great passion in translating their design through chocolate. Plus, there is always supply of chocolate when the craving kicks in. Sketching chocolate can’t be any better than this. My first creation is the Chocolate Couture Hat for Magnum

Ribbon hat for Desir du Chocolat

We were commissioned to create chocolate bow tie, couture hat and wearable chocolate dress for Magnum's 25th anniversary. It was a great pleasure to see the designs unfold, along with the chocolate dress which was a collaboration with fashion designer Henry Holland

Chocolate bow tie

The chocolate dress and Henry Holland (Image via Vogue)

Desir du Chocolat website


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