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My dear friend / food buddy decided to keep it a secret that we were coming here for dinner. It was a surprise. I love surprises cause it's exciting!! The only hint I got was to meet near Brindisa at Borough Market. As we walked along the busy Stoney Street by Borough Market, it was hard to tell which one we were going to as it is a street full of cafes and restaurants.

It was Elliot's Cafe! Great!

I have been meaning to dine at Elliot's for some time now and just never made it. It has a warm and cosy atmosphere as we entered with bar seating on the right which is perfect for drinks and some small plate to snack on. We got one of the tables inside instead since we had a reservation. Elliot's is a destination known for its fresh seasonal ingredients and simple cooking to allow its beautiful ingredients to shine on its own. I think they stayed true to their concept.

Here's what we ordered and the verdict:

Steak tartare was well seasoned with a hint of mustard yet not too strong.

The mussels were plump, juicy and fresh, also well spiced with nduja but I find there's too much of fennel and was overpowering the delicate flavour of the mussels.

Hand dived scallops with herb butter was perfectly cooked which makes me really satisfied as over-cooked scallop makes me furious. This one left me with a smile so wide, you can see my teeth twinkle in the dark.

Stinky bishop soufflé was the best dish of the night; creamy, light and cheesy.

Initially, we weren't sure about stinky bishop but we were assured that it is amazing and won't stink at all. So we trusted the comment and went with it. It was a simple plate but truly delicious. It's good my dining companion's a gentleman otherwise, we would have wrestled for it! I'm quite confident I'll win.

Duck breast although cooked to medium, I would prefer it to be pinker to retain more of its moisture (the picture looks pinker than it actually is). The elements on the plate was well cooked, with slightly sweet and earthy notes.

When it comes to ordering dessert, I can be pretty decisive but not this evening as they all looked pretty darn good. So we requested for recommendation from our lovely Australian server and this was what we ordered.

Blood orange financier and cinnamon ice cream, yum.

Cinnamon and blood orange together? Who would have thought they work together! Well they do on this plate.

Clementine curd tart and rhubarb 

It was similar to a lemon tart but less sharp with smooth flavours of clementine set on very crispy and tasty pastry which I really like. The poached fleshy and tart rhubarb was a good addition.


The night has been very pleasant with all round great food and service.


Too full to have more desserts.

Will I return?

I will definitely come back. Maybe next time for a cuppa and some pastries.

Elliot's Cafe

12 Stoney Street
Borough Market SE1 9AD
London, UK.

Tel: +44 (0)20 7403 7436

Nearest station: London Bridge (jubilee / northern line)
*Take the Borough High Street exit.
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