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Walking along the streets of East London always surprises me with new cafes and restaurants. Andina was a discovery made while walking along Shoreditch High Street. It seems so inviting, sat at the corner edge of Redchurch street. So as soon as I could, a dinner plan was made to try out this newly opened Peruvian restaurant (opened in December 2013). The name Andina represents women from the Andes who lovingly cooks for her family.

'Quipus' by Maricruz Arribas

So here we are on a buzzing friday evening, trying out some Peruvian food that is getting more and more attention in London. As we entered, there was an art display of what is called 'Quipus', a system of knotted cord used by the Incas as a way to communicate. Each of these knots in this art represents a superfood cooked with in Andina.

Mini Chicharrones and Tiger's Milk Trio

We started our meal with a side of confit pork belly with rocoto chilli jam, one I wish it came in a bigger portion as it was so tasty. And that trio of tiger's milk, packed a serious punch!! It was spicy, sharp and full of flavour. Definitely not for the faint hearted, don't say I haven't warned you.

Res, the thinly sliced beef was dressed with fruity and fresh dressing of kiwi, mint and pisco.

Causas Amantani (hake, trout and scallop on potato cakes)

The potato cakes what they described as cool, was colourful and vibrant with well-cooked fish. The scallop was so good, it melts in the mouth, your eyeballs had to spin around and look up into heaven. 

*Saying this in a high pitch voice, "Scallop high!"

The star of this dessert was the well balanced sharp and slightly sweet pineapple sorbet but the rest of it was just thinly sliced pineapple with chilly sweet lime dressing. Nice, but not impressed.

Mousse de Lucuma

Although I have no idea what Lucuma fruit looks or taste like on its own, i thought the smooth lucuma mousse tasted almost like caramel and if the real fruit tastes like this, I'm in love. The quinoa biscuit basket the mousse was sat on was thin and crisp. I like the addition of strawberry too which added a dimension of juicy sweet and slight acidity. Definitely a dessert I like and will order again. A great end to a wonderful evening.

A happy and curious chef peeking at my phone photography skill 


Charming service and exciting food with fresh ingredients.


What is there to frown about when one got high on scallop alone and had fruit that tastes like caramel.

Will I return?

Yes, pretty soon I hope.


1 Redchurch Street
Shoreditch E2 7DJ
London, UK.

Tel: +44 (0)20 7920 6499

Nearest station: Shoreditch High Street (overground)
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