My first night in Istanbul

I have only been back for less than two days and already, I am missing Turkey. At least I am lucky enough to be able to share all the sweet memories of the past two weeks with you here.

My first night in Istanbul was so exciting! There were lights everywhere, and everything was so colourful! Everything was new to me; people, culture, language, food and many more. Armed with my new camera, I was taking pictures of almost everything I encountered with. This excitement only subsided well, at the end of the trip just as we were about to leave. Turkey is such a big country and every part of it is so different from the other, it feels different every time. Who wouldn't be excited.

The first very interesting thing that I had to get used to was the many looks of everyone surrounding us. I know we look different but whoa trying to ignore them took some time. Also, the overly friendly and inviting men took a little adjustment for us girls to handle but at the end of this trip, we grasp hold of it pretty well and made some good friends along the way.

So here's a short tease of my first night in pictures and captions while I write more of my two weeks Turkish adventures in the next few posts. 

The Blue Mosque at night

Sultanahmet at night

Sahlep sold everywhere during winter

Colourful Turkish lamps everywhere

Some cute hotels at Sultanahmet:

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