Hot Air Balloon Ride | Cappadocia

The entire experience from the drive to the perfect spot, to getting off the mini shuttle bus with dozens and dozens of hot air balloons laying flat on the ground, then watch them slowly ballooning to stand up proud and float into the sky so gently and effortlessly.

Everyone eagerly hopped into the basket with the biggest smiles and eyes wide open trying not to blink too much as to maximise the time gazing into one of the most magical scenery and experience of our lifetime.

"It was breathtaking and magical, neither words nor pictures are able to describe the feeling."

The lovey dovey hot air balloon couple :)

Directly on top of the fairy chimneys

How often is anyone able to view a tree from above it

Thanks to the many experienced crew and pilot, the entire experience was smooth and seamless. As you can see, we have been served some sparkling wine as a tradition to mark a successful flight.


  • The Hot Air Balloon Ride can be quite expensive especially during peak season. The cheapest time is in December during off-peak where there are less tourist. Also, it is possible to get it for a reasonable price if they have done their quota for the year. We booked our flight from a travel agency in Istanbul a day before we left for Cappadocia.
  • December will be very very cold so wrap up! It was -10°C when I was there.


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