Brunch at Cafe 338 | London

Good morning! Weekdays are over and a good hearty breakfast will be a great way to start the weekend! If you live anywhere in the vicinity of Bethnal Green road, there is a corner café with white walls covered in lillustration where you will see a queue of people trying to get possibly their first cup of coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice. Well, join the queue. The queue moves pretty quickly, considering the size of this café. There are about a dozen tables or so packed really close to each other, there’s only space for one skinny person to walk between them. Even though it gets very busy, service is still prompt, friendly and attentive. 

Mega breakfast with 2 slices of toasts and a cup of free tea or coffee. 

Girls, even if you think this gigantic portion of breakfast sounds great and will fill you up the whole day, think twice cause it is indeed very very filling, even for a hungry man. A girl sat next to us ordered it and left pretty much half of the plate untouched.

The pancake menu is for those of us who likes a little bit of both savoury and sweet. Remember to place the pancakes closer to your side cause who knows, the friend or boyfriend you are with might be a pancake stealer!! Yup, I only managed to have one of that fluffy pancake with overflowing golden syrup.


There is freshly squeezed juice, cheap, good and big portion.


There's a queue and it's cold outside but who cares if you want proper breakfast.

Will I return?


Cafe 338

338 Bethnal Green Rd
E2 0AG United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7729 0246
Closest station: Bethnal Green (central)


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