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Kasprowicza Park

Apart from the beautiful Pomeranian Dukes' Castle and it's restaurant, the Rose Garden at Kasprowicza  Park is also a must see in Szczecin. It is quite impressive to see carpets full of roses and in so many different varieties. I've only remember seeing maybe two types in the florist. But there were more than a dozen species; some small, some big, they come in a multitude of colours, and each of them smelled different! Yes, I went around smelling each species. It was quite an eye opener. Our friend told us that we came slightly late otherwise, it would have been more colourful during its blooming season.
IMG_3883The Rose Garden, a rose paradise.

IMG_3917The bubble man impressing the kids in the park

I felt like a kid again when I see those bubbles. It was my favourite when I was a child, I would not get bored of it. I know exactly why those children were so happy, bobbing up and down trying to reach the rainbow coloured bubbles.
IMG_3929Cafe on wheels is a great idea and it proved popular.

Szejk Bar for kebab


After our long walk in the park and to the Rose Garden and catching up with some friends after a cuppa, off we go for our salsa fix! But first, we needed some food so M took me to a kebab place that he likes. I thought, why would I want kebab in Poland?


I was a little sceptical about having kebab in Poland initially but I was quickly won over by the quality and taste. It was nothing like the greasy kebab we have in London after a late night. There was seating and very fresh salad on the side with lots of dill (obviously). It also came with two different sauces, one red mildly spicy sauce and another was the garlic mayo. I really thought it was going to be one of the 'why am I in a KFC in Poland' experience we had on my first trip to Poland a few years back. Lucky this turned out well, otherwise the rather flexible but dislike terrible food me will be grumpy all night. Plus, you can even order cold beer to have it with your kebab, something you never get at a Turkish kebab shop.
IMG_3944Chicken Doner with salad was very juice and good indeed.

IMG_3946Steak with salad was slightly too salty for my liking but was tasty and tender.

Rocker Club for salsa on a Sunday


For those of you who are salsa or Latin dance lovers like us, this is the place to be on a Sunday. I am not sure what it's like on a Saturday night but Sunday was pretty awesome for us, dancing throughout the night amongst the many good salseros. It was also not too packed so there was enough space to move around and not jab our styling arms into someone else's face or step on any foot. I was told that this club is where the local celebrities hangout therefore the many framed photos hung on the wall. Celebrities or not, I thought it was a great place to be and we had an amazing time there, with a good mix of music; salsa, bachata, cha cha and even raggaeton.

Rocker Club

Ul. Partyzant√≥w 2,

Tel: (+48) 91 488 5500

Bar Szejk
Al. Independence 23
70-412 Szczecin

Tel: (+48) 91 812 39 88


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