Lake Głębokie | Szczecin

Not far from the city centre of Szczecin lies the picturesque Lake Głębokie (pronounced as Gwembokia) surrounded by the woods. It is a perfect place to get away from any city stress and be close to nature. The locals like to go there to cycle, run, fish, swim, chill and read. It is also a great place for bond fire gathering with a big group of friends as they have wooden huts dotted around the banks of the lake and areas to light up the fire to keep warm or barbecue some food. It was a really good experience being able to live like the locals for a short while I was there.


The beautiful Lake Głębokie


We had a really long walk around the lake to find the best spot for our evening of just hanging out by the lake and burning dry wood from found in the forest to make our dinner. All we needed to bring were some drinks, sausages, bread, ogorki (pickled cucumber) and some sauces.  The rest, we get them all natural. We even made skewers out of tree branches made pointed with a knife.

???????????????????????????????Duck in the swamp

???????????????????????????????Starting the fire

I must say, I really enjoyed watching the sausage fat drip out, the skin change colour and crisp up. Even toasting the bread on open fire was interesting. It makes cooking dinner so much more exciting, even made eating such simple food satisfying. I got a little nostalgic of my teenage girl scouts camping time. Another beautiful memory for future nostalgia.