2 hours train for dinner at Restauracja Opera | Szczecin

The Opera Restaurant formerly known as the Kuncu Corridor is situated on the beautiful Pomeranian Dukes' Castle ground. The castle was rebuilt after war and has since became the administrative and cultural institute aimed to promote artistic events. The first time I visited, there was a concert going on and we were not allowed to visit but was lucky enough to be let through later on for a quick browse since M told the guards that I came from very far away and it would be ashamed not to be able to see the beautiful architecture. It is obvious I am not European. I am really glad they were nice enough to let us through so we managed to experience the very romantic space especially with the lovely live music playing.
_MG_9239The Pomeranian Dukes' Castle (photo courtesy of Marcin Bauer)

_MG_9244In the square of The Pomeranian Dukes' Castle (photo courtesy of Marcin Bauer)

1174617_10151862928980987_584603299_nLook who's happy!! (photo courtesy of Marcin Bauer)

_MG_9241At the restaurant entrance (photo courtesy of Marcin Bauer)

This time back in Szczecin after a 2 hours train ride from Berlin and a short rest, it was a real blessing to be back on the castle grounds and dine in the restaurant for a combine catch up with some mates and my birthday dinner. The interior has Gothic vaults and walls styled by one of the best Polish designers Ryszard Kaja. The restaurant has quite an intimate space and has live piano and jazz music from Thursdays to Saturdays. Food here has won several awards for its Polish cuisine

Roestauracja Opera Interior


IMG_3851Marynowana plers kurczaka w miodzie drahimskimi i kremie balsamicznym podowana

Chicken with skin wedges in balsamic cream and potatoes

IMG_3852Szynka z dzika po polsku - 3 dni przed podeniem marynowana w winie i korzeniach podawana z clemnym sosem i ziemniakami

Roasted ham of wild boar (marinated in wine for 3 days) served with dark sauce and potatoes were very tender and tasty

IMG_3854Blust kaczy duscony w wermucie, podawany z sosem sliwkowym z dodatkiem mlodu drahimskiego z kluseczkami

Duck breast in plum sauce was perfectly cooked

IMG_3855Moist baked halibut with cherry tomatoes


Apple pie and ice cream with a candle!! :) (photo courtesy of Marcin Bauer)

I would really recommend this restaurant for its ambience, good food and good service.

Restauracja Opera
(Formerly the Kuncu Corridor)
70-540 Szczecin
Pomeranian Dukes' Castle
Street. Corsair 34

70-540 Szczecin
Zamek Książąt Pomorskich
ul. Korsarzy 34

Tel: (+48) 601 732 300, (+48) 91 434 17 10 

Open daily from 11:00-23:00

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