Urban Food Fest street food night market | London

Have you got any plans for this saturday evening? If you don't, do head to Shoreditch for the Urban Food Fest to check out the Street Food Night Market. It is on every saturday night from 5pm-midnight until mid October. This saturday is Octoberfest themed, filled with German beer, bratwurst, schnitzels, strudels and all that is fun and exciting. Below is a little sneak peek of last saturday's night market.
Korean kimchi rice burgerKorean spicy kimchi rice burger from Galbi Bros and English cider by Sommerset Ploughmen

EmpanadasEmpanadas from Portena

Argentinian steak burgerTender Argentinian steak burger from Portena

Geaux Cajun Stall
Cajun Frogs LegsCajun deep fried frogs legs with sweet potato fried from Geaux Cajun

There were a lot more other stalls selling wood fired oven pizza, Peruvian food, Portuguese cakes and a whole lot more. The best to find out how great the night market is, is to be there yourself. If you manage to be there, do let me know how you enjoyed it. Have a fantastic weekend!


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