London Design Festival begins: Endless Stair and blue colour trees

This year sees an overlap of London Design Festival, London Fashion Week and Open House London. It is a creative season combining all things creative; from fashion, product, interior, graphic, web, architecture and the list goes on. So start exploring, making use of these very interesting and exciting festivals. There is too much to see and too little time so be wise of what or where you would like to visit and plan ahead so you get to maximise your time. Checkout the London Design Festival Guide and Map here or pick the guide up from around London which is very easy to spot with the bright red cover.

While I finally gotten around to visit the impressive ‘elBulli: Ferran Adria and The Art of Food’ exhibition since it opened in July (which I will write about in the next post), I also managed to fit in a stop at Tate Modern lawn to see the Endless Stair, part of the ambitious Landmark Project for the festival.
Endless StairA tiny sneak peak of what you’ll see at the festival; Endless Stair at the Tate Modern lawn

Me on endless stairA beautiful view of the Thames and Millennium bridge from the top of the Endless Stair

Blue treeA whole stretch of trees painted blue next to St. Pauls Cathedral


  1. The stairs are so cool.

  2. Yes it is!! It'll still bet here until 10th October if you still havent seen it yet. :)