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When I was told that my birthday present is a trip to Berlin two days before departure, I was so psyched about it that I forgot to look up on what’s usually on top of my travel list, places to eat! Oh well, guess we’ll leave this to chance. It’ll be a way to test our good ol’ instincts!

Intimes | The Trishaw

Luckily we have a friend who recently moved to Berlin so we have someone who has more clue than us. He to took us to the east side of Berlin on our first night of arrival as he thinks I might like the area. Well, he was right. Although late and dark on a week night, I quite like the expressive culture of the area.

Intimes Outdoor | The Trishaw

We weren't sure where to eat but we finally settled on Intimes, located somewhere in between Franfurter Tor and Samariterstra├če. It looked chilled and lovely with many outdoor tables, decorated with little pots of flower and candles. It was charming and quite intimate even though a part of the wall is covered in graffiti. I quite like the feel of it. It was about 11pm by the time we sat down but luckily the kitchen opens till midnight so we were lucky we won’t be starving through the night.

Roter Oktober Beer | The Trishaw

The staff was very friendly and when I asked to recommend a good local beer, Roter Oktober was recommended. TIck.
Bread | The TrishawThe very memorable bread, now one of my favourites. It was freshly baked, warm, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. It was perfect with my light dinner of soup.

Carrot GInger Mint Soup | The Trishaw

I ordered the carrot, ginger and mint soup which has sweetness for the carrot, a punch from the ginger and freshness from the mint. I was initially unsure about the combination but after tasting it, I must say I really liked it.

The guys ordered tagliatelle and chicken with rice which was really tasty. This very first meal actually gave us a good impression of quality food we will be encountering soon. A pretty positive start.
Intimes Candle | The TrishawI like how they wrap paper bags around candle holder for a dimmer light

U Bahn | The TrishawSamariterstra├če U Bahn


Good and friendly service. Amazing bread.

It's making me miss the bread!
Will I return?

Of course I will, if I live there. Apparently it's a cinema too! WIll have to check that out next time.


Boxhagener Strasse 107
10245 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 30 29666457

Closest station:  Samariterstra├če (U Bahn), Frankfurter Tor (U Bahn)


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