Hurwundeki Cafe and Hair Salon | London

Hurwundeki used to be a shop based on the trendy Commercial Street selling vintage clothes . The clothes they had there was really interesting, perfect for the location. The Korean owner also opened up his hair salon at the same premise. But as the recession hits, business went downhill and it was impossible to sustain the shop at the pricey location so the shop at Commercial Street was closed down and this cafe at Cambridge Heath was born. He has been quite versatile and changed to fit his business to the ever changing times. Since this cafe first opened, it has become quite a popular spot for morning coffee especially when the weather is good as there are lots of seating outside with very interesting decor. Even the inside of the cafe seems to look like everything was either hand made or recycled yet keeping its original form. A very unique space, I must say.

View from inside the cafe

Hurwundeki Interior | The Trishaw

Hurwundeki Menu | The Trishaw

Their new menu

When I was here about a year ago, they had limited food on the menu and the main was twice the price than it is now. They have even added a new deal of £10 for 1 main + 1 side dish + gim (roasted seaweed). Be aware that all korean restaurants and cafes always serve Banchan ahead of your meals. And these are free so in actual fact, even ordering a main on its own per person, is enough for a simple meal.

Water bottle | The Trishaw

Water with mint in the bottle

Soup | The Trishaw

Banchan (means side dish in English) is served prior to the food you ordered. The banchan served here was korean miso soup, kimchi and beansprouts.

Kimchi jeon | The Trishaw

Kimchi Jeon, a spicy korean kimchi and spring onion pancake

Bibimbap | The Trishaw

I quite like the Bibimbap in hot stone pot. It's spicy, with lots of vegetables, egg and beef; one of my favourite simple korean food. It is one of those everything in a bowl sort of food that you could easily make at home. The best thing about this dish is that you get to add as much chilli sauce as you like and mix it all up into a messy pot of deliciousness while it's still cooking itself in the hot stone pot.

Bulgogi | The Trishaw

The spicy pork bulgogi  marinated in spicy chilli pepper sauce, served on a hot plate was quite good although I would like it to be spicier. It's just me, being brought up with mountains of chilli.

Hurwundeki sign | The Trishaw

They also have a hair salon next to the cafe with very affordable quick haircuts. The women's hair stylist is the owner of Hurwundeki, a very experienced and creative man who used to train at Vidal Sassoon and used to style the hair of Korean celebrities. As my hair was in dire need of haircut and did not have time to go all the way to my usual stylist in Soho, I braved myself for this haircut for convenience sake. I must say, I was pretty happy with the result and this is probably the cheapest haircut I have had in London! What a find. Will probably come back for a cut again.

Hurwundeki Cafe & Hair Salon

298 - 299 Cambridge Heath Road
E2 9HA London, United Kingdom.
Tel: +44 7969 537871

Closest station: Cambridge Heath (rail), Bethnal Green (central line)


  1. It was :) especially when there's lack of korean food in the east

  2. how much was the haircut? I've been looking for a good asian hair dresser.

  3. It's only £14 for a 19 minute haircut but he took twice the amount of time to cut my hair, for the same price. This of course, does not include hair wash and all the usuals. Only haircut. If you're looking for something different, try B-zar in Soho. Very good Japanese stylists.