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Chef Norman Musa is a well established and successful Malaysian chef here in the UK with many awards under his belt. He has appeared in many publications and TV in UK and Malaysia, including The Guardian, TimeOut and TV3. Originally from Penang, a renowned street food destination in Malaysia, he came to UK to further his studies as a quantity surveyor. He started off as a student who did not know how to cook but has since grown into a passion with which he had dreams to succeed in the catering industry.
Chef Ning & I | The Trishaw

With the lovely Chef Norman Musa

It is his love of food from home and vision of making Malaysian food be as popular as Chinese, Thai or Indian in the UK that has brought him to where he is now. I am definitely a keen supporter of his, after having met him and tasted his food. I would also like to do my small bit in popularising the ever so interesting and flavoursome Malaysian cuisine. For now, this blog is where it starts so do come back for more.


'Kopitiam' means coffee shop, derived from the word 'kopi' which means coffee in Malay and 'tiam' which means shop in Hokkien. It is where coffee, tea, eggs and toasts are traditionally served but this depends on the size of the shop. Most of these 'kopitiam's now have many hawker stalls selling various types of food where you can order from a particular stall, go back to your table and pay as soon as your food or drink is served.
Canapes | The Trishaw

Canap├ęs and drinks for guest arrivals so people can mingle and wait to be seated without getting hungry.

Whole durian | The Trishaw

"Londoners, this is where you'll get Malaysian hospitality and be fed until your jeans button pops :) !!"

Supperclub menu | The TrishawLook at the extensive menu and you know'll why I said that.

Chef Norman cooking | The TrishawChef Norman Musa and his assistant helping prepare our starters, fried soft shell crab and spring rolls.

Soft Shell Crab | The TrishawDeep-fried soft shell crabs

Pohpiah_Spring Roll | The TrishawPoh piah basah (Malaysian Spring Rolls)

These spring rolls are made with freshly made spring roll wraps made from scratch in the morning by the chef and rolled for us just before serving. The filling is very juicy and sweet form its ingredients of julienned jicama, carrots and dried shrimps.

Lor Kay Bak | The TrishawLor Kay Bak (Chicken rolled in tofu skin), a halal version of the typical street food, Lor Bak which is made with pork marinated with five spice.

Chicken Rice | The TrishawChicken rice

Chicken rice a very popular and typical street food in Malaysia. The rice is cooked in chicken broth and is served with marinated chicken, chicken broth and tangy garlic chilli.

Cucur Kodok | The TrishawCucur kodok (banana fritters)

Lollies | The Trishaw

Lots of refreshing lollies

Girls and lollies | The Trishaw

Lollies for the perfectly warm summer's day with Kristina K of Hot Courses Malaysia.

She will be publishing an article about Chef Norman on the website and I will update with link when she does. In the meantime, checkout her other well written articles.

Pulut Hitam | The TrishawVery authentic 'pulut hitam' (Black glutinous rice porridge)

Opening durian | The TrishawChef Norman flexing his muscles to split open the durian for the sake of our happiness and some people's nightmare.

Durian | The TrishawAs Malaysian durian is impossible to get in the UK, chef bought the Thai ones instead.

Durian flesh | The Trishaw

The first mouthful of the soft, squishy and creamy durian sweetness was one of my most memorable food experience in London. I was well surprised with the quality of durian as it was my first Thai durian experience, and my first durian experience in London! I have always been told that Thai durians are less flavourful but I could not tell the difference and is definitely as good. Just to be clear, the whole evening was a memorable one but due to my my lack of durian for the past 2 years, that first mouthful had made such an impression that it is so far my greatest food experience in London.

Happily eating durian | The TrishawHappily eating the very good durian. I waited all night for this!

"Supperclub is the way to dine in future. It is fun and exciting, it is like a big house party where everyone is friendly!"

**I would like to share a link to and interesting fusion recipe by Chef Norman Musa called Rendang Beef Wellington. Hope you like it and do let me know how you like this recipe.


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