Limablas, a Nyonya addition at Changkat | Kuala Lumpur

Twin Tower | The TrishawPetronas Twin Towers so close to Limablas

A quaint little Nyonya restaurant hidden in the middle of KL city, quite close to the Petronas Twin Towers was quite a find. We managed to check out Limablas on their second month of business when I was in Malaysia. A dear friend who knows I like Nyonya food brought me here while I was in town. I can tell that lots of thought has gone in to set up this restaurant. Every item in the restaurant was meticulously placed. Each old glass jar, cabinet, chairs and calculator has been carefully chosen and added as part of the interior to create a nostalgic space of an old shop house.

Limablas exterior 3 | The Trishaw I have a thing for doors and windows. These ones, as simple as it looks, seems so beautiful to me especially the shabby looking turquoise door. 

Limablas interior 6 | The TrishawLimablas, the name of this restaurant means fifteen in Malay, therefore the number 15.

Limablas interior 7 | The TrishawBeautiful colour contrast

Limablas interior 2 | The Trishaw
Antique calculator | The TrishawThis antique calculator is apparently called the Jewish calculator but Simon, the co-owner has no idea why the name. I, as curious as he is, would like to find out why so please ping me if any of you know anything.

Limablas interior 4 | The Trishaw
Pie Tee 1 | The TrishawPie Tee

For those of you who does not know what pie tee is, it is a crispy case filled with cooked julienne vegetables and prawns, similar filling to those in spring rolls.

Sambal aubergine | The Trishaw
Sambal Aubergine

I must say that the sambal aubergine and sambal petai (below) were my favourite non-dessert dishes of the night. The sambal on both the aubergine and petai dishes are totally different. The aubergine was cooked with sambal heh bee.
Telur cincaluk | The TrishawTelur cincaluk (Omelette with fermented small shrimps)

Chap Chye (Mixed vegetables) | The Trishaw

Chap Chye (Mixed vegetables) is one of my favourite nyonya vegetable dishes. A typical nyonya chap chye will have ingredients such as dried lily buds, dried bean curd sticks, shiitake mushroom, black fungus and Chinese cabbage cooked with fermented soy bean paste but the ones we had here (pictured above) was different. It must be a modern take of the restaurant. 
Goreng Chilli Fish | The TrishawGoreng Chilli Fish

Ayam pongteh | The TrishawAyam Pongteh (Stewed chicken with potatoes) is one of those homey food where you flood your rice with gravy. It is that good. Also, I suggest you have it with the pungent sambal belacan.

After dinner | The TrishawEmpty plates means happy belly. What happy belly needs will be desserts.

Cendol | The TrishawThis Cendol was yummy, as was the other two we had that did not make it in the pictures; ais kacang and sago gula melaka. They were obviously too yummy and no one wants a shaved ice dessert to end up being cold liquid dessert. Cendol and ais kacang are the must haves in such hot weather.

Tapai | The TrishawTapai is fermented rice and was the first time I tried this. It is definitely an acquired taste and so far, not my kind of dessert but my friend seems to like it. Very subjective, it seems.

Salter weigh | The Trishaw


Great decor & ambience, very friendly service and good Malaccan Nyonya food.


Nothing to frown about.

Will I return?

This will probably become one of my usual hangout when I crave for Nyonya food in KL but too bad, I live 7,000 miles away.


No 15 Jalan Mesui,
Off Changkat Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
(beside No Black Tie)
Tel: +603 2110 1289


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