'The Birth of Unexpected Seduction' , my chocolate sketch for TowerHotel

Create a chocolate recipe for Tower Hotel's Brasserie Restaurant?! I'm in!!

I recently found out about a competition organised by Guoman Hotel to create a chocolate recipe for one of their hotel restaurants. The winner will see his/her recipe be realised and featured on the restaurant menu for at least a month. And winner gets to create this dish alongside the head chef in his kitchen!
"To celebrate the stage adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (directed by Oscar winning director Sam Mendes) we’re offering you the chance to create a chocolate recipe for The Tower hotel’s Brasserie Restaurant menu and win a personal chocolate tutorial in a professional kitchen…"

More details about this creative competition is found here.

Ooze Squirt Burst

This is such an amazing opportunity that even with the slightest amount of time I have left, I came up with a chocolate trio. All three has its contrasting flavours that you probably think will never taste good together but actually works! I've tried some of these flavour combinations before, but not necessary in this form.

The Birth of Unexpected Seduction

I've named these trio of chocolate 'The Birth of Unexpected Seduction' because I think these are contrasting flavours that is a marriage of beautiful smooth juicy sweetness that explodes in your mouth. Opposite attracts. Also, they look like eggs and the yolk in this chocolate dessert is where the unexpected surprises you.


The untested theory to make these three chocolate spheres:
  1. Pour the thyme and candy mixture into a spherical mould and let set in the fridge
  2. Stuff a mint leaf into a whole seedless lychee.
  3. On the second lychee, gently push a frozen raspberry into the the hollow section of the lychee.
  4. Place both the filled lychee into a container and let it freeze in the freezer.
  5. Prepare three separate chocolate ganache while the fruits are freezing.
  6. Once frozen, prepare the dark chocolate coating.
  7. Melt the chocolate on a bain-marie then dip the two lychees and thyme jelly ball into the melted chocolate. Set aside to let the chocolate set.
  8. Cover the coated fruits with the ganache and gently roll into round balls and dip into melted chocolate.
  9. Put aside until chocolate coating is set. Cut into halves and serve.


The trio are made into spheres. Each spheres will be cut into halves to expose the beautiful interior with the flat section facing upwards or diagonally. As there is no flat base, it will be best to sit on dots of chocolate or fruity mousse so they don't roll about on the plate.

Here goes my chocolate creation to celebrate Sam Mendes's adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Guoman Hotel. Do share your thoughts about this creation and hopefully I will be able to make these trio into a reality.