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All Right Western Food | The TrishawAll Right Western Food's kitchen

Chicken Chop | The TrishawChicken chop (RM9.50)

Chicken Chop is a Western dish unique only to Malaysia. I have not come across anything like it. All Right Western Food has always been our to go to Chicken Chop shop cause they never disappoint. The chicken was tender and crispy, the sauce was flavourful and smooth. I made an adopted version of this in my 'Chicken Chop Malaysian Style' post this time last year. I pan fried it instead of deep frying for a healthier and less mess in the kitchen option. It turned out so delicious, I could not believe myself. A good option when I have no access to All Right Western.

Fish and Chips | The TrishawFish and Chips (RM9.00) with salad instead of chips, the healthier option

The next recommendation is the Fish & Chips. Okay, the chips are missing in this photo cause my dining companion was trying to be healthy. So, she opted for salad instead of chips. Chips or no chips, the fish was and has always been so fresh, perfectly crisp on the outside yet soft and juicy inside. This is different from the British version of fish and chips as it is coated with bread crumbs instead of the usual beer batter.

All Right Western Food Menu 2 | The Trishaw
The menu so you know what they serve. I remember their Oxtail soup to be really good too.


216 Jalan Burma
10350 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +6 016 480 3401
Business hours: 6pm - 11:30pm
Close on Thursdays


  1. My husband always laughs at the name chicken chop, but it really is one of my favourite foods back in Malaysia! Schnitzels just don't cut it!

  2. Has he tried chicken chop yet? I'm sure he won't miss schnitzel once he has :)

  3. Yeah and he thinks it's just overcooked schnitzel haha! But I will not be swayed - I have to have it every time I go home to visit.