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Bittergourd and egg | The Trishaw

I used to hate bitter gourd when I was young, for the obvious reason. It's named bitter gourd for a reason. But as I grew up, this bitter fruit became one of my favourites. Like anything bitter, kinda like beer, it is an acquired taste. There are quite a few ways to cook bitter gourd and this one, simply stir fried with partially runny eggs and soy sauce was absolutely lovely.

Fried tofu with aubergine | The Trishaw
What looks like a simple tofu dish, crispy on the outside yet soft and silky on the inside, topped with the soft, mildly salty and sweet sauteed aubergine was delectable. Just be careful while eating the tofu as it's usually piping hot inside. Just to be safe, cut the tofu open to cool it a little to avoid burning your tongue. Burning your tongue is probably the worst thing to happen when there are so many delicious food on the table.

Kanna greens with flat fish | The Trishaw

Garlic stir fried chinese broccoli (kanna greens) with deep fried flat fish for added crunch. Simple and tasty.

Mango chicken | The Trishaw

Mango chicken is one of those chinese chicken dishes that I have not seen in London except at Maximini restaurant which is owned by Jimmy Choo, our renowned Malaysian shoe designer. It is too bad I have not written a post about Maximini then as I was not keeping a blog at that time. This reminds me, I should go there soon. So yea, the mango chicken, again one of my favourite dishes I will order in Chinese restaurants when I am home. Mango chicken is usually deep fried chicken (still moist on the inside), coated with plum sauce, garnished with shallots, lots and lots of mango and some shredded apples to give it an added crunch and acidity.

The food at this restaurant really does feel like a proper home cooked meal, no fuss tasty food.


Great home cooked food at reasonable price.


Nothing to frown about.

Will I return?

What is better than home styled cooking? None. This is one of the regular restaurants we go to.


2, Lebuh Lembah Permai 4 (Casa Permai),
Tanjung Bungah, Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: +604 890 2764


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