My favourite coconut at Abu Siti Lane | Penang

Coconut water from fresh green coconut is a real thirst quencher, filled with antioxidants. Often, the coconut is cut then and there by the coconut seller. They are so skilled at cutting the coconuts that it looks so simple. Dad would bring us here, to this coconut seller on Abu Siti Lane to get coconut water ever since I was a little girl. It has always been a spectacle seeing the man toss and turn the coconut while he slices through it with his sharp crescent knife.

Coconut Man | The Trishaw

I think they have one of the sweetest coconuts here and this Indian seller is such a wonderfully friendly man, I never fail to come here every time I am home. He would always ask us, 'Minum atau makan?'. He wants to know whether we just wanted to drink the water or also to eat the flesh in the coconut. He would tap on the coconut to pick the ones he thinks we will like. The reason he asked is because if we only wanted to drink the coconut water, he could pick one that is slightly more mature where the flesh is usually harder but the water is sweeter due to its maturity. But if we wanted to have both the water and flesh, he would pick the coconut that has soft flesh yet has coconut water that is sweet enough; best of both worlds.

Order what they call the pandan coconut. It is much sweeter and fragrant compared to any other you will have. I am not sure why they call it the pandan coconut, but I assume it is because pandan (screwpine leaves) has a fragrant connotation.


At the end of Abu Siti Lane near the junction to Burmah Road.


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