Banana leaf rice at Passions of Kerala | Penang

When it comes to banana leaf rice in Penang, the first place that comes to mind is the original Passions of Kerala located at Taman Brown in Gelugor. They have expanded throughout the years and now they have opened one at New World Park along with many other restaurants.
Passions of Kerala | The TrishawEntrance to Passions of Kerala at New World Park

Banana Leaf set | The TrishawBanana leaf rice set (RM 5.50) - vegetarian

It is all about banana leaf rice at Passions of Kerala. Everyone orders this when they come here. The banana leaf rice set is vegetarian. It comes with rice, five types of vegetables, rassam and papadoms; all free flow. After ordering, everyone will be given a clean banana leaf as your plate and some cutleries but traditionally, it is eaten with hands. Then the staff will come round with the choice of plain steamed rice or tomato rice. Another guy will come with the different types of curries and vegetables, all will be lined up above your rice. You will also be given some free bowls of curry on the side to have some on your rice. Don't be shy to ask for more vegetables, rice, curry, or papadoms. Remember, it is free flow. Of course, it is not polite to to ask for more than you can consume. Be moderate about it.

Deep fried bitter gourd | The TrishawVery crispy deep fried spiced bitter gourd, which I order every time I have banana leaf rice

There are lots of extra dishes you can order to add on to the already pretty complete vegetarian banana leaf set. Lots of other delicious non-vegetarian dishes are on offer for those who needs some meat to fill them up.

Deep Fried Fish | The TrishawDeep fried fish

Masala Chicken | The TrishawMasala Chicken

Banana Leaf | The TrishawAt the end of the meal, it is nice to fold the banana leaf inwards towards you (like above). This means you are you are satisfied and liked the meal. If folded outwards. it means you did not like the food. And if left open, it means you want more.


Passions of Kerala (New World Park Outlet)
102 Lot C3, New World Park
Jalan Burma
10050 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 04-2272550
Operating Hours: Open Daily 11:30am-3:30pm; 6pm-10pm

5 Lorong Endah 4
Taman Brown, Gelugor
Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 04-6578850
Operating Hours:

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