Seafood by the beach, a blissful evening I miss

Ask what a girl who grew up on an island misses, it will not even take her a second to tell you it is seafood and beach. My recent encounter with a few people who do not like crab nor prawns or even mussels, left me thinking. Why don't they like them? Is it the taste or is it because they were not exposed to seafood where they are from? I grew up eating seafood and was even nicknamed the queen of fish cause I will completely dismantle the fish down to the bones and head. Nothing's left! Well, except the bones and eyes of course. As for crab, the second on my favourite seafood list, I was told it looks ugly and no one should eat them. They have claws!! Well, who ever said this is wrong. A fresh crab need only to be baked, the shell actually keeps the flesh moist and juicy. It is so sweet, it tastes absolutely heavenly on its own. I remember watching the Great British Food Revival on TV one night a long while ago where Angela Hartnett, a michelin starred chef tries to revive crab to the British public who does not appreciate them at all. Most British crabs are exported to neighbouring countries like France.

Since I have not been home for more than a year, it is making me miss seafood by the beach in tropical weather. Lucky for me, I will be back on the beautiful island I grew up in, really soon so I would like to share with you what Penang has to offer. I remember the first time I came to this seafood restaurant. I was greeted by the smell and smoke of barbecued satay and a lovely view of the horizon. Not only was there a little wooden stand with barbecued satay, there was also an open air seafood restaurant. I was delighted to be brought here for dinner. One by one, the food were served not long after we arrived. We did not have to wait long as we ordered on our way there. The benefits of mobile phones.
Wooden satay stand

Wooden satay stand

The beach view in front of the restaurant

Chilli Crab
Chilli crab

Baked crab

Baked crab is a perfect way to cook crab as you can taste the juicy sweetness of the crab

Sauceless satay

Smokey and tender sauceless satay

kangkung belacan

Kangkung belacan (Fried morning glory with shrimp paste)

Kam heong style kappa

Steamed fish teochew style

Steamed fish teochew style

Sunset at Teluk Kumbar

Sunset at Teluk Kumbar

Sitting by the beach while the sun sets, accompanied by the calming sound of waves is the perfect way to enjoy fresh and well cooked seafood.


84, Mk 9, Teluk Kumbar
11920 Penang

+604 649 1403

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  1. This is what I miss with tropical countries, lovely fresh and huge seafood.