Salida del Sol, Patnem Beach | South Goa

For some reason, we did not venture north of Patnem beach on our first few days. On our last night on the way back from our search for Harmonic, we found this beautiful and atmospheric restaurant, Salida del Sol. It was love at first sight.
Salida Del Sol Night | The Trishaw

The exterior and setting of this place was what attracted us in the first place. It was so romantically lit, with very interesting hand drawn paper lanterns. The seatings were very cosy and intimate, everyone there seem to be very relaxed and having a good time.

Salida Del Sol Bar | The TrishawThe bar

Salida Del Sol Interior | The Trishaw

The floor space of this restaurant was filled with sand and each individual hut had a wooden platform with which we had to take off our shoes and seat barefoot on the cushioned seats. We felt very at ease here, as if dining at our holiday home by the beach. The giant, soft, fluffy pillow made it a lot more comfortable and cosy. We could lie there all day, drinking our masala chai, eating, reading and listening to the amazing music that were very suited for the mood we were in.

Christmas decor | The TrishawThe pretty Christmas decoration with a touch of the beach, with dried coconut shell.

Masala Chai| The TrishawMasala tea (spiced tea)

Chicken Tikka Acharis | The Trishaw

We ordered the Chicken Tikka Acharis, which was chicken marinated in fresh lemon sauce with local pickles and curd, grilled in tandoori oven. It came served with salad and naan bread. Who knew chicken could taste so vibrant and fragrant with spice. We also ordered the vegetable biryani (seen in the background) which was very delicious indeed; packed full of flavour, moist and well cooked rice.

Salida Del Sol Food | The TrishawLots of food for the both of us, but we finished everything. It was too scrumptious to waste any food.

Salida Del Sol Interior 2 | The TrishawThe happy me, well fed and ready to order dessert. 

Flambeed Pineapple | The TrishawVery boozy flambeed pineapples

Wooden Bill box | The TrishawThis pretty wooden box came with the bill which was then filled good tips for the fantastic, friendly service.

Day Salida del Sol | The Trishaw

On our last day, I had to come here one last time to soak up the daytime vibe. Daytime at Salida del Sol was as magical as it was at night. It was less romantic but still very intimate, chilled out and cosy. I had freshly squeezed watermelon juice before our quick kayak session which we squeezed in before the cab arrived at our beach hut for our airport drop off.

Patnem beach | The Trishaw

Salida del sol was so close to the beautiful beach, it adds to the beauty of it all. Both M and I agree that this is our favourite place to be during out entire trip. If we were ever back in Patnem, we will be sure to spend a lot of time here and probably stay in the beach hut too.

Salida de Sol

Patnem Beach
Goa, India
Tel: +44 (0)207 290 7600


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