Dolphin watch at Palolem | Goa

Boatman | The Trishaw

The reason we decided to stay at the South of Goa was for a relaxing time and also to see Dolphins. It was amazing knowing that Dolphins were just in the sea a few metres from where we swam. The reception at our beach hut arranged a Dolphin watch boat trip for us. We had to leave at 7am to make sure we see the dolphins swim amongst us. 7am is nothing when you get a chance to see dolphins.
Boatman 2 | The TrishawOur boatman keeping a lookout for us. He got sharp eyes, like an eagle.

Dolphin boat watch | The TrishawOther early risers on the same mission as us.

Everyone was very eager, looking around the boat, hoping the dolphins will pop their head next to the boat for us to pat. Of course, that didn't happen.  They swam above the waters only very briefly, then diving in and out again. It was more like a gentle say hello rather than a big scene of flicking themselves out of the water and making a toss spin, like we imagined it to be. It was not like in the movies.

Dolphin | The TrishawThe only dolphin picture I have that is visible enough.

I was busy looking out for dolphins and experience it first hand instead of looking through my camera lens so I apologise for not being able to share some more decent photos of this beautiful mammal. I love dolphins as they look friendly and happy all the time.

Rocks & Beach | The TrishawWhen we were done with our dolphin watch, the boatsmen were nice enough to take us to other beaches further away for sightseeing. We went to Honeymoon beach and Butterfly beach. Butterfly beach was named so for a reason. It was filled with lots of  colourful butterflies flying amongst us.

Rocks | The TrishawSome rocks off Honeymoon beach.

Sparkly water | The TrishawLove this photo of the sparkling sea as the sun rises slowly above us.

Getting out of the boat | The TrishawEveryone trying to get out of the boat.

Casa Fiesta | The TrishawBack to Casa Fiesta for breakfast.

Banana Pancake | The TrishawBanana pancake with freshly squeezed pineapple juice for breakfast, after a great start to the day.

Casa Fiesta View| The TrishawThis is the fantastic morning view while having our breakfast. Time to read a book, have a chat and relax.

My upcoming holiday will have to top this; to swim with dolphins! That will be a dream come true. I am still envious of my friend who swam with dolphins while in Mexico. Anyone of you who knows where to do the same, please let me know. Who knows, I might be able to swim with these beautiful mammals more than once. We shall see about that and I will definitely let you know when I do that.


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