Supperclub Saloon with four creative chefs

Salvation Jane | The Trishaw

What better way than to host a Supperclub Saloon dinner for the official launch party of Melba! They even got four creative chefs to cook for the night with each course representative of their styles. I thought Salvation Jane was the perfect venue; cosy and spacious enough for the number of guests.

For those of you unfamiliar with Melba, it is a social network that brings foodies together, be it organising a dinner get together with friends or host a food event to share your cooking talent and inspirations. The plus side to this is being able to meet more people with similar interest at the same time.

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L: Hake and Kaffir Lime Fish Cakes with Nahm Jim Dipping Sauce and Asian Herb salad by Tim Dorman of Lantana; R: Salamagundi in the 21st Century- a many component salad by Ian Ballantyne

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Duck soup | The Trishaw
Duck Soup by Jamie Hazeel of The Wandering Chef.

He made this main course a communal event. All the ingredients were plated separately, with the duck broth in teapots so we could make the duck soup with flat rice noodles the way we like it. The chef even made his own hoisin sauce! I really like how this course was served as it increases interaction with the food and people around the table. As this dinner was on the eve of Chinese New Year and I was slightly homesick with my family 7,000 miles away having reunion dinner, this actually felt almost homey. It actually felt close to a Chinese New Year reunion dinner. Thanks, Jamie.

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Kunderian Lightness and Weight by Ilyas Kassam of The Thinkers Balcony; Bee's Galangal Ice Cream & Wood Fire Chocolates

This dessert got everyone talking about it long after dinner. The deconstructed ice cream with a hint of galangal was I think a genius take on asian ingredients in modern cuisine. What was more interesting is that the chef himself is allergic to refined sugar so all sweetness present in the dessert were natural.

Overall, this was a beautiful night to remember and has really inspired me to start hosting a little supperclub of my own soon. Maybe I'll do it the Rachel Khoo way with a table for two, in her tiny Parisian flat.


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