Cocktail that burns at Big Nasty

We were set out for our only salsa night in Mumbai and were so excited to experience a totally different scene. We headed to C'est La Vie but the salsa party was cancelled as there was a private event that night. The guy at this club recommended us to check out Royalty, Escobar or Big Nasty. So we thought we should, since we were already dressed up and in dancing mood.

Our hunt for a sunday night out in Mumbai was not straight forward. It took us a cab driver that drove us in circles, multiple asking of directions which lead us to wrong directions, and finally followed our instincts which was proven the best. We found all the recommended clubs and bars, all well hidden away from non-locals. No wonder it was such a task to find them.

Royalty was closed and Escobar was very chilled on a sunday. Finally, we settled on Big Nasty which we had to enter through a side entrance of a restaurant.

Big Nasty interior | The Trishaw

Big nasty was vibrant on a sunday night with a younger crowd. It has metal chain-link fence partitions, bare concrete walls and textured galvanized metal floorings; all industrial looking. The staff were friendly and DJ played decent music, good enough for us to enjoy ourselves. Apparently, they serve good burgers here but we did not eat so could not comment on that. As for the cocktails, some was decent and mine in particular, was nasty.
Big Nasty Nasty Mary | The TrishawBig Nasty's Nasty Mary, oh it burns!

Nasty Mary was their take of the classic bloody mary, with guava juice instead of tomato juice. Also, obviously they think bird's eye chilli would suit better than tabasco. Gosh, they were so wrong!! I am quite used to spicy food since I am a Malaysian and this was just crazy! It literally burnt my throat and deep into my internals. This was probably the worst drink ever! I got the bartender to tweak it for me, with additional guava juice and lime. Plus, he gave me an extra jug of juice on the side just in case. Well, I ended up drinking juice instead. Never really thought the spiciest thing in India would be a cocktail. Truly nasty. The boys were lucky they had decent drinks.

"Nasty Mary was so nasty, it burnt my internals."

Now I know why they named this place Big Nasty.

The Big Nasty

2nd Floor, Shatranj Napoli Building,
12 Union Park
Near Olive Bar & Kitchen
Off Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
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