Yoko Sizzlers, where your food sizzles

On a weekday afternoon, it was packed with people. There were big families who took up half the restaurant, come and go. Our group was not small either. We were pretty excited to see every plate of food come out of the kitchen sizzling on hot plate. Smoke filled the room with aroma of its caramelised sauce.

The portions were generous, from what we saw. So we ordered four to be shared amongst ten of us since we already had something light to eat earlier on. It was a shame they ran out of mutton and watermelon juice but it did not bother us. The amount of food was just right and was really enjoyable.

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Yoko Sizzlers Santacruz (W)

West View, S.V. Road,
Near Akbarallys, Santacruz (West),
Mumbai 400 054 - India.
Tel : 022 2649 2313 / 1528
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