Shiv Sagar Vegetarian Restaurant

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After a long day of shopping for Indian clothes for the wedding, we finally got to sit down to some good vegetarian fast food. They even do delivery! This might be the Indian version of McDonalds. Certainly, there is a different vibe to it. It did not have the assembly line in preparing the food in the kitchen nor the very specific guidelines the American fast food giant has. This was straight forward quick vegetarian food.

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It was the first time I have seen so many variations of dosa. The spinach version was one of my favourites. 

Cheese pav bhaji

Pav bhaji is a popular Maharashtra fast food. It consists of mashed potato with thick tomato based sauce and spice served with pav (bread), and onions. There are different variations, for example the above that is garnished with cheese. Some can also be made with paneer, mushroom or dry fruits.

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Saffron and almond milkshake sounds like a weird combination but I ordered it anyhow, even with high possibility of disliking it. There is always risk ordering something unusual but sometimes, it can be rewarding. Turns out, the milkshake was actually good the only downside was it being very filling so it was hard to eat the many different types of food and finish the glass of thick milkshake.

Shiv Sagar Restaurant (Veg.)

Shop No.4, Shyam Kunj Building,
16th Road, Pali Naka, Bandra West,
Mumbai, Maharastra, 400050
Tel: +91 22 2600 6318
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