The Shed by the Gladwin Brothers

Situated just around the corner of Notting Hill Gate station, The Shed is tucked away from the busy main street. It felt like a cosy country shed, rustic and relaxed. This new restaurant opened its doors on 23rd October and is proving popular. The Gladwin brothers have clearly marinated their skills of a farmer, chef and restaurateur into a perfect roast.

It is narrow inside but the team managed to make the best out of it with reclaimed furnitures and mixed seating. The Colman's Mustard sign and painted metal drums made into tables were fantastic addition. They even added full size mirror on one wall to render a bigger space, which is really smart. Our first impression was very pleasant, especially when staffs were very friendly. They even offered to hang our coats.

Venison tartare with mustard and tapioca crisp

The tartare was listed in the 'mouthful' section of the menu. It was literally a canapĂ© size, mouthful pop; small and lovely with a hint of mustard and the tapioca crisp gave it texture and crunch.

Lamb chips, lemon & parsley, harissa

We were not sure what lamb chips was when we saw it on the menu. We deliberated that it could either be lamb that looks like chips, or potato chips cooked in lamb fat, or a wacky version of potato chips that tastes like lamb but with texture of potato chips. Then we got swayed by our growling stomach and ordered lamb's cheeks, forgotten to feed our lamb chips contemplation. As if it was fate, the staff took the wrong order so we were served lamb chips instead of lamb's cheeks. They sound awfully similar. The waitress offered to change it but we thought it looked good so we had it anyway.

Lamb chips was actually slow cooked lamb made into chunky chip form, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried. The exterior was golden brown and crispy, the lamb melted in the mouth and the well flavoured Harissa brought the lamb together very well with the spiciness.

Lamb's cheeks and shallots, slow cooked for hours to achieve this

Beetroot cured pollock with cockle mayo and capers

Sticky spatchcock quail with chestnut, and ground elder pesto

The quail was tender and juicy, packed with flavour and worked quite well with the chestnut and ground elder pesto. Ground elder is a type of weed with with lots of nutrients and quite a few people who knows, like it. The texture reminds me of the vegetable juice my mum used to drink, almost like blended raw curly kale consistency but not as grassy. I should have asked for a raw leaf to determine the exact taste of this weed but it did not come to my mind so I might do that next time I come across this weed to determine whether its a yay or nay for me.

Sussex beef steak, horseradish, chickweed 

The Shed doughnuts, cinnamon, cranberries, cream 

The doughnuts were pleasant although it could be lighter and softer. Probably just me trying to be as critical as Paul Hollywood from The Great British Bake Off.

Apple tarte tatin with poppyseed, burnt butter, honey ice cream

The apples were soft throughout, the pastry cooked through and crisp on the sides. It would taste a lot better with more caramelised apple and edges of the pastry. The poppy seed ice cream was a fascinating addition, with salty buttery taste. Honey in it was subtle enough and not overpowering. The ice cream paired well with the tart tatin, almost as stimulating as a salt and caramel duo.

Well cooked quality local produce, set in a cosy and relaxing ambience with friendly staff. I like that more new restaurants are starting to make small plates like they do in The Shed. Diners are able to taste many different dishes on the menu rather than be stuffed after one large main course.

No one gave us our coats on the way out and we had to find it ourselves. We were searching for a good 15 minutes but no one came until we seek for assistance. This restaurant is only a month old so I am more forgiving on the little negatives to an otherwise commendable restaurant.
Will I return?

Definitely yes. I recommend that you make reservation to avoid disappointment as it got busy 8pm onwards.

The Shed

122 Palace Gardens Terrace
Nottinghill, London W8 4RT
Tel: +44 (0)207 229 4024

Closest station: Notting Hill Gate (central)

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