The Ledbury : 14th best restaurant in the world

Australian chef, Brett Graham started his cooking career aged 15 and has then gone to win himself the Josephine Pignolet Award. Winning the award was a big stepping stone for him as he was granted a trip to the UK where he then worked at The Square, another excellent restaurant. He followed up his bright career with ‘Young Chef of the Year’ Award in 2002 and became head chef at The Ledbury when it opened in 2005. It was very well received by the food critics. The restaurant went on to be listed on 'The World's Best 50 Restaurant' and quickly leaped its way up from number 34 to 14 in just one year. How impressive!

Amuse bouche came, I was too excited and forgot to take pictures. Good my friend reminded me to take pictures later on, so I could share them with you.

Crispy little oyster coated in bread crumbs fried to perfection

Cornish Oyster Chantilly and Tartare with Horseradish and Dill went really well with the fried oyster

Scottish Langoustine with Natural Yoghurt, Broccoli Stem and Indian Spices Cooked in Brown Butter

Fresh langoustines on its own is enough to fill you with the sweetness of its sea essence. But bags of flavour gushed out with the curried spices and the yogurt to mellow down the spiciness. The crouton gave it an extra dimension. My favourite of the meal.

Hampshire Buffalo Milk Curd with Broth of Grilled Onions

The milk curd texture was very similar to Japanese steam egg, chawanmushi but much softer, wobbly and silky. Although the broth tasted good, I thought it buried the delicate milk curd.

Truffle Toast  with Saint-Nectaire

If only all toast could taste as good as this, I'll be a happy person eating toast every day. The toast was presented on a bark-like plate and christmas tree branches, it felt like christmas. Whoever's planning to make me smile on Christmas day will have to make this for breakfast.. *wink*

Fillet of Turbot with English Asparagus, Blood Orange and Pine nuts

Another well cooked turbot, still moist and juicy with a hint of acidity and creaminess from the foam. Then came the 'Roast quail breast with scorched pear, fresh and dried dandelion', so beautiful and tempting that I forgot to take pictures.

Fillet of beef with Cepe, Wild Garlic, Hop Shoots and Summer Truffles

The thick cut of red beef fillet was screaming out juicy and tender. It was delicate in flavour combination, even though the ingredients used have strong taste. I like the puffed potato pillow

Parfait of Dried Flowers with Wild Strawberries and Warm Tapioca with Vanilla

Petits fours to end our meal

Overall, The Ledbury is elegant and calm, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Portobello Road. Front of house was friendly and wine connoisseur, knowledgeable. Apart form the exquisite food where every dish was thrilling and had its own crunch element which I adored, our favourite wine of the night was Kevin Grant's South African Ataraxia Chardonnay.

Still smiling, thinking about it.

Quality food and great techniques. Fantastic service and knowledgeable staff.

Pricey but it was expected.
Will I return?

Will return but not too soon since this is not in the cheap eats section.

The Ledbury

127 Ledbury Road
Nottinghill, London
W11 2AQ

Tel: +44 (0)20 7792 9090

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