Randall & Aubin

Tuck in the vicinity of the Soho red light scene, the seafood displayed at the window and the usually long queue definitely entice Soho passersby. That was the reason why some of us were keen to go there in the first place. The interior had shelves filled with bottles of Champagne, framed pictures of seafood on the walls and a big disco ball on the ceiling. It was dim with groovy music that will get everyone ready to continue the night with more drinks and dance in Soho.

Well presented fresh Devon crab salad with shrimp, avocado and pimento dressing

Considering this is a crab and avocado salad, the chef could be more generous with both ingredients. It lacked the sweetness of crab meat and avocado creaminess although, I like the pimento dressing and that they packed the stacked salad with lots of crab roe which I absolutely love.

Mixed grilled seafood - scallops, squid, tuna, seabass, prawns, mussels with aioli and grille garlic flatbread

The mixed seafood was well cooked except for the fish. The tuna was overdone and was not seasoned well. The seabass could be better with crispy skin. The flatbread was good but aioli was more like mayonnaise as it lacked garlic and lemon juice.

Large roasted Langoustine with garlic butter  & pommes frites

The garlic butter brought out the already fresh and sweet langoustines to live. Remember to suck the juices out of the head. That is where the flavour and creaminess is concealed. Peeling them were a little messy but that is part of the fun of eating seafood. Get your hands dirty, lick the your fingers for any seafood juices that has trickled down your hands. At least you will be provided with enough serviettes and bowls of lemon water to wash your hands.

Sticky date pudding with ice cream

A plate of warm pudding with toffee sauce and cold vanilla ice cream that is to die for. I have been searching for this sticky date heaven that is rich but light in texture for a while now, and I found it! This is only second to the ones I had in Marco Pierre White's Kings Road Steakhouse and Grill.

By the end of the night, my legs were a little numb from sitting on the uncomfortable chair but since the end of our meal was a delight, that did not bother me so much. My personal reasoning behind the awkward chair is to make sure customers are not able to sit and chat for too long while a long queue of people are waiting in the cold for their turns. It is a small restaurant, very packed and do not take reservations for dinner so get there early or wrap up tight.

Fresh langoustines. Sticky date pudding to die for.

Uncomfortable seats, too dark and loud music. Price and value ratio needs revising.
Will I return?

For when I have craving for pudding.

Randall & Aubin

16 Brewer Street
Soho, London

Tel + 44 (0) 20 7278 4447
Lunch time reservations only

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