Platterform : Skymarket

The 'Skymarket' sign outside Magdalen House; Fruits and vegetables to greet as you enter

Skymarket, as its name suggest is a market on the rooftop and it is London's first. The sound of a rooftop market is very exciting. I expected it to be a small and intimate market since it is on a rooftop and how big can a rooftop be, in the middle of SE1. When we got to the rooftop, I was slightly deflated from the excitement I have built over the past weeks. It felt more like an intimate rooftop cafe than a market. An authentic little cafe but definitely not the market I expected. Their marketing material wrote about regional food from Brazil, Venezuela, Jamaica, Indonesia and more so I anticipated it to have about five individual stalls selling street food where each stall has its unique signature dish that will feed your senses. Maybe because I am a Malaysian and food market is something that I am very used to. This lacked the street food market vibe but it is a still a fantastic idea. The space is lovely and well set up.

The only street food stall

Outside decor and seating for when it's sunny and almost warm


Indonesian decor inside; Puppet and mask with batik prints

Table number written on a wooden ladle

Gado Gado Wrap.

Gado gado is a type of Indonesian salad that consists of boiled vegetables with peanut sauce. It is almost like Malaysian Pasembur, a type of salad with spicy nut sauce.

Crispy and chunky Cassava Chips

Prawn Moqueca with Rice

It was my first time having a moqueca. Moqueca is originally a Brazilian seafood stew but the prawn moqueca here was an African influenced version as it has coconut milk.

If you like the idea of this, get there quick as it is only running until 17th November. Son't worry about the cold, it has canopy and heating so it's comfortable even when it's cold. If you won't be able to make it, there will be another pop-up at the venue that seems a lot more interesting, an Apres Ski indulgence!


5th Floor Magdalen House
148 Tooley Street
London, SE1 2TU


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