Meat Liquor

When my friends who enjoys shopping in London were here in May, we eventually end up in Selfridge’s. We got a little hungry at about 5pm, so I thought it will be a good idea to check out the hyped ‘best burger in town’. Thinking it was 5pm, an odd hour for lunch or dinner, I thought we might just slip into Meat Liquor without the need to queue. I was wrong!! My friend is a massive meat fan and we would not mind joining the queue but because we did not want to miss or be late for the 7:30pm Billy Elliot Musical, we gave it a miss. We ended up having Burger King burgers at Victoria Station. Well, it was not the best burger but it was enough to keep up filled up to enjoy the musical. I must stay, I have always like Burger King fries with lots of ketchup. Shhh..

One late summer day when it was sunny and bright outside, we made our way to Meat Liquor. We were expecting the queue to be shorter than usual, hoping that most people will want to spend most of the time in the park or drink on a rooftop or terrace. We were right!! The queue was manageable, we waited for slightly over 30 minutes. Even if we had to wait a little longer, it was not a big deal as it was warm.

The interior has graffiti-like murals, very dark with red lighting and loud music. It was great for a Friday night!!! Even though it was dark and that we had a hard time reading the menu, I spotted an interesting cocktail. Full English Martini; martini with bacon and eggs!! How weirdly interesting! Perfect for my crazy mood so I ordered it but the staff told me they were out of an ingredient. How could that possibly happen on an early Friday night?

Potent cocktails

Those buffalo wings came served on a metal tray. Very American. They were crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The sticky spicy sauce coated on the skin gave the kick and the blue cheese dipping on the side balanced out the spiciness. Finger licking good wings, although greasy. That was what the kitchen roll was for, to soak up those fat.
I first came across buffalo wings when I was a teenager. My sister decided to make some for us after her trip to America. I remember asking her, “Buffalo has wings?”. She couldn’t stop laughing.

Bacon cheese burger & Chilli cheese burger

This is a burger joint to get your hands dirty. There is no room for you to be sophisticated and eat those burgers with fork and knife. Use both hands to clamp the burger together and give it a big mouthful bite. It doesn’t matter whether the sauce or lettuce leaks out of the burger from the bottom, that is what the tray is for. The burger patty was thick and succulent, cooked medium-raw and well charred. There were satisfactory amount of molten cheese and lettuce. Real burger at an affordable price.


Friday night vibe, potent cocktails, succulent burger and yummy hot wings.

Too dark. Queueing in the cold.
Will I return?

When I am in the area with hunger for burger and finger licking hot wings.

Meat Liquor

74 Welbeck Street
London, W1G 0BA

Tel + 44 (0) 20 7224 4239
No Reservation

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  1. Nice place, if your looking to go anywhere else for a quick lunch or nice dinner check out my blog

    amazing place, Thanks x x

  2. Man! I want to go there so badly, it's just these queues are crazy, this summer I will try your 'trick' ;-)

  3. Who knows, maybe the queue isn't that long anymore since there are a lot more new burger restaurants lately. The queue might have diverted elsewhere ;) Go try your luck. Bring gloves and hat just in case.

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