Burger and Lobster

When you hear of a restaurant serving a whole lobster for £20, the obvious reaction is to get dressed and head to Mayfair as soon as possible. That was what I did when Burger and Lobster first opened. Well, I am exaggerating. It was opened in December but I was away then so when I came back in January, finding out about this place got me so excited, I gathered some lobster aficionados who were willing to possibly queue in the cold in February. You heard right, it has taken me nine months to write this, enough to grow a baby in the tummy. I apologise for being too busy eating on your behalf. Also, queuing takes time, and it is a no-reservation restaurant that has become new restaurant trend of the year.

Lucky for us, we were able to wait for our table by the bar and be entertained by the extensive drinks list, since the menu was brief. There was only a choice of burger or lobster as the name suggests; one type of burger, choice of steamed or grilled lobster and lobster roll. Simple! When we finally got our table and ordered, we were given each a plastic bib for the predicted juice oozing lobster. Tipsy by now, we put on the bib with great enthusiasm, mimicking the bib man with odd hair, eagerly waiting for our lobster to arrive.
Star of the night!

The lobster was of a good size. It came with salad and crispy chips with butter sauce on the side. I think the sauce was not needed. The lobster on its own was enough to be the star, with its perfectly cooked fresh flesh, juicy and sweet. Delightful! We were also given some Japanese mayonnaise for the chips. Japanese mayonnaise is my absolute favourite, we asked for more. My friend who has never had Japanese mayonnaise is now a convert. It has depth of flavour, more egg-y and thick. In other words, better than Helmann's mayonnaise.

Lobster and crab claws has a significant memory. Me and my siblings used to fight for the claws when we were young. It was the part that was most easy to get the flesh out and that we got to suck the juice out of its claws. This time, I had the whole pair of claws to myself!

I tend to insist on finishing my meal with something sweet as I am a real dessert person. To have had such wonderful night from waiting for an hour for our table while sipping cocktails at the bar chatting away, to ordering without having to look at the menu and relishing the whole lobster without anything edible left on the plate, it seemed like a disappointment when we had the dessert. It was as if they have forgotten that dessert is part of a complete meal. The chocolate mousse and lime mousse both appeared like they have just whipped up some cream and fold in melted chocolate or lime zest and let them set in the tub just so someone was able to fulfill that after main course sweet fix.

Burger and Lobster in Mayfair is a wonderful restaurant for any lobster lover. Service was swift and friendly. I definitely recommend that you come here for lobster if you have not; just not the dessert. They must be doing very well to open two new restaurants in Soho and Farringdon in the same year. They take reservations here.


29 Clarges Street
Mayfair, London, W1J 7EF

Tel + 44 (0) 207 409 1699
No Reservation

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