Buen Ayre : Argentinian Steakhouse

Latin music playing in the background gave a nice ambience to the cosy and no fuss steakhouse. It is a small restaurant with tables placed very closely to each other, there is not much room to manoeuvre. One of our friend was late and we told them that he was on his way but the staff was still hurrying for us to order every other minute. I understand we were told there was a two hour turnaround which we will respect but it was not cool to be bugging us so very often. We ordered a starter first just so she could leave us alone until our friend arrives.

Finally, we ordered and were left in peace.
Grilled flat mushrooms with pesto and garnish of beans and salad. Decent.

Chips with garlic and parsley was fat and crispy.

8 oz grilled Argentine Sirloin steak

My medium Sirloin steak was generous in size, pink, nicely charred and slightly lacked in seasoning. It was served with chimichurri on the side but was not needed. We, who ordered the 8 oz Sirloin steak believed it weighed more, almost similar to our friend's 14 oz Sirloin. We were not complaining, of course. One comment though, was that the steak was all served with the same garnish of butter beans, roast pepper and salad. It was the same garnish we had for starter. Although simple and decent, they could do better with a different garnish for both starter and main. It would definitely make the diners more excited than, “Oh, the same garnish again!?..”

I will recommend the prime fillet (image bellow) over the sirloin. It was more flavourful and has less fat. But of course, it is just my preference.

10 oz grilled prime Argentine fillet steak with garnish of bean and salad

We were too stuffed by the end of the meal that there was no more space left for dessert. Normally, I will fret over not ending my meal with sweet little something but not this time as the dessert menu did not spark my temptation. Guess that was good. Otherwise, I would not be able to lift my heavy belly out of the seat. I would sum up this neighbourhood Argentinian steakhouse as reasonably priced, adequate but not brilliant.


Generous portion. Honest well cooked steak.


Service could be better. Dessert menu requires more excitement.

Will I return?

Will return with less expectation for a simple and affordable steak meal.

Buen Ayre

50 Broadway Market
London E8 4QJ

Tel: +44 (0)20 7275 9900

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