Mechanical pencil of my teenage years

Lately, I have been reminiscing my teenage years and the collection of stationeries I used to have. To think about it now, I was a very lucky nine year old girl with one of the best stationery set in class. My pencil box was filled with the most advanced Pilot mechanical pencil that was ergonomically comfortable, coloured pens, metal ruler and eraser that rubs off any pencil marks leaving no trace. Some of my mates had wooden pencils with sharpener, Papermate ball pens, plastic ruler and 10¢ (2p) eraser that left the paper with black marks.  I am glad I was pampered.

Pilot Shaker H 1010 Mechanical Pencil

This was and still is ‘The One’ – Pilot H-1010. Shake it and the lead sticks out on its own! Shake shake, Lead’s out!

I was very particular with how it felt in my hands. The circumference of the body, the weight and built quality was all very well considered when I chose my favourite mechanical pencil. It still is my favourite, almost two decades later.

Anya Hindmarch's Bespoke Ultimate Box

I love stationeries!! Now that I am an adult, I have moved on to something new, the Anya Hindmarch Bespoke Ultimate Box. In actual fact, this is the greatest jewellery box but I will refer to it as the Ultimate Keepsake Box. The box to where I shall keep my well-loved Pilot H-1010 Shaker Mechanical Pencil. I wonder whether daddy will be pampering me with this now. Most likely not.


Do you have any favourite stationery and stories to tell?

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  1. The things I did not know about you. What about ten pin bowling ? Love, aunt Riga