Malaysia week in London

Malaysia is now becoming a very popular destination for travellers. Just a few days ago in the underground, I saw a girl reading the Lonely Planet guide on Malaysia so I got chatting with her. She was a Spanish girl from Cadiz, embarking on her exhilarating trip to Malaysia for a month. She has done a lot of reading and seem to be visiting the right places. Although I am a Malaysian and has been living in Malaysia for most of my live before moving to England, I regret not visiting a lot more places. Will definitely fit in a few more on my to go to list on my next trip home. For now, I am lucky to be in London where we get to partially sooth our home sickness at events like the Malaysia Night and Malaysia Week.

Please check the Facebook Page and Malaysia Kitchen website for more details.


Venue: Trafalgar Square
Date: 5 October 2012 (Friday)
Hours: 12pm - 10pm

This is the night where you get to experience the Malaysian Night Market, also known as ‘Pasar Malam’. For those of you who have not been to a night market before, I encourage you to stop by after work for an exhilarating night.


Venue: Southbank
Date: 6 - 10 October 2012 (Saturday - Wednesday)

Description below extracted from Malaysian Kitchen Events page.
Opening on 6 October, there will be a range of free cultural performances, including traditional dances depicting the Malays, Chinese, Indian, Ethnic Sabah and Sarawak cultures and contemporary music by Istana Budaya’s traditional Malaysian Orchestra. Six Malaysian artists will also be visiting the event to showcase a variety of their paintings and sculptures.

There will be beautiful demonstrations, exhibitions and displays of traditional Malaysian crafted items that will be available to purchase throughout the festival. The Batik fabric that is synonymous with traditional Malaysian dress will take centre stage through live demonstrations and fashion shows. It wouldn't be a Malaysian celebration without the opportunity to sample the wonderfully rich and diverse cuisine the country has to offer. Tastings of Teh Tarik, Roti Canai, Ice Kacang and traditional fruits are just some of the options available to hungry visitors!

If that wasn't enough those guests who want to get really stuck in will also be able to have a go at playing traditional Malaysian games such as Congkak, Batu Seremban and Sepak Bulu Ayam!


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