Poznań and My Bodyguards

The trip to Poznan was rather relaxing. There was no plan. Normally when I travel, there is a rough plan as to where I want to go, what I want to see and workout the most efficient way to see the top priority places and restaurants. This time, I left it open to be free and easy partly because I will be the only girl, with 6 other guys. So I did not even research on restaurants for the best local cuisine. I thought it is better not to know so I will never know what I missed. But I did have a backup. I downloaded a PDF document on to my iPhone in case they all decided to sit in the flat drinking beers and not do anything else other than play Diablo or something. Lucky, that did not happen.
The train to Poznan was an interesting ride. I have never sat on an old school train with separate cabins before. It was perfect cause all 6 of us had a cabin to ourselves throughout the journey, as if we reserved a private cabin.

On our arrival, our very competent host brought us to his flat to leave our bags and chill a little while before we head out for lunch. I was very intrigued when he brought us to some alley way in the old town, away from the main square, to a really cool Mexican restaurant. I love restaurants or cafes that are tucked away from the tourists which are quaint and unique. We all ordered the fajitas but I was the only one who ordered the hot version. The rest either had mild or medium. It was the real Mexican stuff, freakishly hot but I loved it since my tongue is pretty tuned to hot and spicy food. So beware when you order. Also, remember to order the Sernik (cheese cake) for dessert. It comes with a pretty entertaining surprise!!

The interior of The Mexican. I like their creative use of beer bottles.

Wasn't keeping up with my bodyguards (far left). Pictures come first ;)

Poznań Old Town (Stary Rynek). The colourful facades of the Merchant's houses are beautiful.

The Town Hall  

We had some beer at the Brovaria on Stary Rynek. It is a hotel, restaurant and a brewery. These beers are brewed at the onsite microbrewery. The above are taster beers with three varieties; the Pils, Honey Beer and Wheat Beer.

That night, we met up with one of M's friend at Ratuszova Restaurant (above). I can positively comment that it is the most romantic and beautiful restaurant I have been to, also the oldest in Poznan where the King stayed for over a year. I highly recommend this restaurant, especially those of you celebrating anniversaries. If any of you boys are planning to propose to a girl in a conventional way, this restaurant will definitely set both of you in the mood. Just please, try not pop the ring in her food or drinks!

Isn't this space romantic.. ~ This picture is from the Restauracja Ratuszova gallery page.

Veal Shank with dumpling and salad

Wild Boar with blueberry sauce. This came with a big portion of sides.

After an good dinner and an amazing night out, we woke up to breakfast of homemade rice salad. It was my first time having rice salad and I was pleasantly surprised at how it tasted. It was very tasty. The best of all, our dear host even heat up the bread in the oven so we all had crispy warm bread with ham, sausages, cheese and tomatoes. How amazing is that!

Later, we visited Malta, a recreation area for families. Too bad it was cold that day cause we could have done kayaking in the lake. That would have been so fun. Instead, we had a chilled out walk around the the area, had some hot tea to warm ourselves up and headed off to the Old Town again where we went to the Fara Church.

The very impressive Fara Church and a very valuable organ made by Fryderyk Ladegast from Weissenfels, Saxony between 1872 and 1875

Our final lunch in Poznan. We were at Fenix Restaurant that is located at the Old Town Square. The interior was interesting with many decorations from around the world. That hot chocolate on the right is so thick and sinful, it reminds me of the hot chocolate in Spain. It was not on the menu so it was probably specially made for me. 


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