Happy Birthday, Mum

Happy Birthday, Mum!! I wish I could see you again, I wish I could talk to you like my friend again, I wish you could warm my cold hands like you used to, I wish I could see you smile again, I wish I could hug you again. I wish I could make you an ice cream cake for your birthday and see you smile. But I know this will only be memories I cherish most dearly.

Mum cutting my birthday cake

I have not spoken to you in months and I miss you. You are the most sincere and kindest person I know. It proves how much of a loving and caring person you are when everyone you know only have nice things to say about you and all of them came to care for you when you needed them most. And you are no doubt the strongest person I know, having gone through the toughest times in your life the last thirteen years, and probably the worst in your final months.  No one could bare even a fraction of the pain you went through but you still continue to live on with a smile on your face until the last moment. I am glad I was there with you until the very last moment. Please forgive me for all those times I made you angry and for all those years you put up with our tantrums. You are the best mum and I miss you so much.

On the phone with dad who was missing her

Wherever you are right now, I hope you are still the happy person you always have been and that you have a wonderful birthday. Love you lots.

There were still smiles on her face even when she needed tanks of oxygen to help her breathe


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